About The Content

+Customer Information

Address, telephone, company private prices, order and production parameters are described. Predescribed explanations, more than one destination address, payment terms, bank accounts, company private product codes are described.

+Die and Profile Descriptions

Die information card including; production, tufftride, revisions, profile Picture,technical drawing and packaging picture. All dies’ background informations; production kilograms, howmany tufftrides,the operator persons used the die for how long and when,the remaining usable capacity after last tufftride are tracable for allowed users. Technical, mechanical and packaging pictures can be seen on the screen in all phases from order entry to shipment. If the die is specific to certain customer, then that die is only usable fort that customer. Customer feedbacks and complaints are entered to the program and can be viewed on request. If amortisation is described for the profile, it is calculated automatically for each shipment until finished.

+Billet Descriptions

Traciability accordingto the billet types , party numbers and chemical characteristics if entered to the program.


Offer preparation, order entry from offers, reports related with the offers’ return to order are possible in multilanguage. This modüle is very usefull for preventing mistakes of personnel during preparing offers and getting orders, by showing inventory information, die details of chosen profile, profile iformation related with anodising, painting, thermal brake, packaging type, Alloy / Temper. All reports are convertable to formats of fax , e-mail, etc. in multilanguage.

+Warehouse and Process Waiting List Follow-up

Product follow-ups in press warehouse, shipment warehouse, free warehouse, product shifts between warehouses, and product allocations between orders are easily done.


Establishment of work order according to given shipment date, date changes, process flow order between presses and also production date changes.

+Production Phase

Production steps are press, saw, temper, quality, paint, anodising, thermal brake, wood coating, satinaj, polishing, machining, packaging, pallet packaging, shipment. The data entered in one process is automatically shown in the next process screen.


There are quality data entry screens for every process requirements. ISO, CE, EN required reports are possible.

+Delivery / Shipment

The last step of the processes. Delivery is done according to the related customer’s packing list.